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National designated, Important intangible folk cultural property
Classification Ken dance
name Shibata Oni-ken-Bai
alias Shida Kenmai
Designated date December 13, 1993
Holding group Shida Kiken Dance Preservation Society
location Kitakami city Ezuriko

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Kittenbune dance

Three people bless (san's basket)


It was in 1814 that the secret book was transferred from Iwasaki to Shida from the flow of Iwasaki Kiken Dance. After that, he fostered disciple dances such as Iiyoko, Yachi, Murasakino, and Fiko, and contributed to the spread and tradition. The costumes and performances are almost the same as Iwasaki Oni-Ken Dance, but there is Shida's original "Saken-Ken". There is a legend that in the case of a sudden illness, when one dancer loses a dance, the incarnation of Inari Daimyojin's incarnation is replaced and complemented, and the dedication is finished safely. Mysterious sorcery, fan dance and sword dance, and then the tempo becomes steep, and the dance ends with a leap from bare hands dance. The foot has a unique feature and can be danced with kagura.

Main performance place

Bon spirits service (August), Yasaka Shrine annual festival (September), Tomb festival (September)