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Prefecture designated intangible folk cultural property
Classification Deer dance
name Ao Shishi Odori Dance
Designated date February 15, 1974
Holding group Blue Lion dance preservation meeting
location Tono-shi Aoto-cho Sakai

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It is a representative of the Shika-dori Shika-dori dancing with curtains that travels to the central prefecture region of Shiwa and Kamishui north. According to tradition, the Shishi dances from Yamashiro Kuni Matsuo (today's Kyoto city) during Tono-go lord Alanuma around the Qing Dynasty (1596), the yearly dance and the Yamagashi dance of Kagura, popular among the people It is said that the detailed origin is not clear with various theories. The dance group consists of a caretaker, a dancer and a dancer. Yuko is a taiko of drums (2 to 3) and drums (2 to 3), and one of the drums is a leader who beats. There are 30 kinds of dancers, who play the roles of species fukube, child dance, middle drum, sword, and shishi. The programs are "Inside", "Nabebome", "Kowari", and "Hands-on". After the entrance, insert a large garden broom and sing the hall compliment. Also, in front of "Kowari", perform "Kyoregashi-like" performances such as "Pillar scale" and "Mezishokushi". In addition, as a ceremonial occasion of the 盂 and dedication at the annual festival (September 23 or autumn equinox day) of the hexagonal stone (hexagonal cow = Rokkokushi) shrine. In addition, we perform a performance at any time according to various entertainment events or requests.

Main performance place

Hexagonal shrine regular festival (September), Tono Festival (September)