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Prefecture designated intangible folk cultural property
Classification Deer dance
name Ochiai Shidori dance
alias Kasuga ichigo oika dance
Designated date February 15, 1974
Holding group Kasuga nagashi oika dance preservation society
location Hanamaki City Towacho Ochiai

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Ichiban Garden


It is a taiko dance deer dance that strikes the drums that she wears, and has been transmitted from the north of Miyagi prefecture to the south of Iwate prefecture. There are various schools such as Gyozan (Gyozan) (including Sayama, Yamaguchi, Okuno, Okuyama and Yamayama), Kanatsu (Kanatsu) and Kasuga. Origin of Ochiaika dance, propagation time, route, etc. are unknown, but according to the tradition, in the vicinity of the lunar calendar 5 (951), when Sakuya Kamijin is in the mountains due to various degrees of death. There are eight deer coming, and one of them is shot dead by a hunter, so there is a legend that it started to dance for the deer. There are "Ichibu Niwa", "2nd garden", "Dayamako dance", "Yagata dance", "Okura dance", "Obami", "Train dance", "Attack dance" and so on. "Tsukadori" plays the skill of "Tsubakuro return" as a program of Ochiai dance. In addition, as sacred ritual dance, there is the thanks of Sanko. Dedicated at the local festival of Kumano Shrine (September 19) and the annual festival of Tsuchizawa Tokihachiman Shrine (September 15). Performs performances at any time upon request.

Main performance place

Kumano Shrine Regular Festival (September), Tsuchizawa Tokuhachiman Shrine Regular Festival (September)