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Prefecture designated intangible folk cultural property
Classification Deer dance
name Tsuruha Ikushi Odori
alias Kanatsu (Kanatsu) style Tsuruha Iga Odori
Designated date December 24, 1982
Holding group Tsuruha Ika dance preservation meeting
location Oshu-shi Esashi Ward Inase character Tsuruha clothing table

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Scarecrow dance (scarecrow dance)

Dance of Sanko

Thirteen (Tosa)


Tsuruha Ika Odori is a drum dance that spreads from the northern part of Miyagi Prefecture to the southern part of Iwate Prefecture, with the head of a real deer horn biting, holding a drum, putting a long Sasara on the back, and forming eight deer. I change in various ways and dance. The eight deer have the role of neutrality, mejishi ojishi (one gurui, two wakkuglyi, three wakijishi), and the leading role changes depending on the program. However, the whole leader is neutral, and dances in a circle form, sitting in a semi-circle, or forming a formation in response to the drumstick bachi of the drum. According to tradition, in the beginning of Keicho 12 (1607), a person named Mankichi was told from Fujijiro of Rikumae Miyagi-gun Nanadada, and then the third generation Mankichi from Inukai Seizo, who was appointed to the Gokai Goban in Sendai. It is said that (Konakichi) was re-introduced in Kyobo 3 (1718). The performances include "female sex", "Scarecrow dance", "Harukama" and "13", and "13" is considered to be a difficult song with a single, neutral step. In addition, it has the tradition of "Sikon-bukuri" as a way to dance, and has a long tradition and rich art. We dance in the garden of a private house that was asked for the offering of the Samurai Bon (August 14-16). In addition, dedicated at the annual festival (June 9, 2008) of the guardian shrine of the guardian deity. In addition, we perform a performance at any time according to various entertainment events or requests.

Main performance place

Goho Shrine Regular Festival (October)