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Prefecture designated intangible folk cultural property
Classification Deer dance
name Neshika Shidori dance
Designated date September 3, 1996
Holding group Roots deer dance preservation society
location Ichinohe town rebel

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Maika-no-kino dance


A dance-like deer dance that has no drums and moves a curtain covering the body from the inside according to the lion. According to tradition, the Hagata Taro Yoshiie, who had struggled in the country of Kaga, put a torch in the horn of a deer and danced the joy of attacking against the enemy team, but it was conveyed by a veteran in the Warring States period to Oshu It is said that the beginning of a well-in-law, a hyu who heard from the mountain hears a call calling a deer, reflects their circumstances, and dances the deer's play. A deer dancer wears a white deer bag with crotch, grass-beds, paper-made zi (long hair) and a gold (silver from the chin to the mouth) deer head, and a yellow curtain under the head Cover and put a picture on the waist. The performances consist of "entering", "main dance", "dear of deer gathering", "hachimanko", "hida dance" and so on.

Main performance place

Yasaka Shrine Festival (August), Ichito Festival (August)