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Prefecture designated intangible folk cultural property
Classification Deer dance
name Maikawa Shishi Odori
Designated date May 2, 1997
Holding group Maikawa Kagoshima Preservation Association
location Ichinoseki City Maikawa

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A female deer


According to the taiko-dori deer dance, according to the book of origin of the 13th year of Genroku 13 (1700), Ryotaro Yoshida and brothers of the Nanai in Aikawa-mura (Maikawa), Hirahiro Chiba in Hon-yoshi-gun Hirai-mura (now Motoyoshi-cho, Miyagi Prefecture) It is considered the beginning to have been transferred from. Belongs to the Taiko Odori Gyozan style, the founder is said to be Tochiuchi Tochiuchi of Mitobe Village (now Shizugawa-cho), Honyoshi-gun, who is the master of Chiba Hirakuro. The costumes and performances are almost the same as other taiko dance deer dances, but Maikawa is one of the few groups that plays "Tosa dance" and "The Sea Gate". In Tosa, the drums are beaten while expressing the swell of the waves and the taste of the footsteps is shown.

Main performance place

Hagiwara Shrine Regular Festival (April)