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Prefecture designated intangible folk cultural property
Classification Deer dance
name Yanagawa Shikaku (Yanagawa Shi Odori)
alias Yanagawa Kanatsu (Kanatsu) Flowing Lion Dance
Designated date April 4, 1959
Holding group Kanatsu style Lion Conservation Association
location Oshu-shi Esashi-ku Yanagawa

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Scarecrow dance (scarecrow dance)


A deer dance distributed from the northern part of Miyagi prefecture to the southern part of Iwate prefecture is called "taiko-dori deer dance", which dances while striking the drums worn by itself. is there. According to tradition, it was conveyed to Ishiseki-mura in Esashi-gun in Kansei 5 (1793) from Kinzu-mura Shizuhashi (now Miyagi prefecture Shida-gun) according to Oshu Matsuyama, and then to Yanagawa-mura, but in time It is said that 11 (1828) and Meiji (5) (1872) years. The performances include lively dances such as "Reeniwa", "Shima Kiri", "Henryo Hideko", "Dansanko Daku", "Takuru Den", "Tosa", and "The Hashikawara-no-ura". In addition, it is also a feature to perform techniques such as swallow-backs and bird springs in dance style. It is also worthwhile to have the tradition of “Shinmon Kuri” in the ceremonies of the teacher's introduction. I once danced in the garden of a temple or a private house as a ceremonial ceremonial ceremonies, and dedicated to the local shrine's annual festival, but now the shrine's annual festival such as Matsuo Shrine's annual festival (September 12) We perform performances at any time on request, such as festivals and various entertainment events, etc.

Main performance place

Esushi Haku Festival (May), Matsuo Shrine Festival (September)