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Prefecture designated intangible folk cultural property
Classification Other
name Kurasawa Puppet Kabuki (Kurasawa Onkyo Kabuki)
Designated date September 1, 1995
Holding group Kurasawa Doll Kabuki Preservation Society
location Hanawaki City Towamachi Kurasawa


A person named Tsunejiro Ogino who was moved by Mizuzushi puppet show (Kitakami city, Kuchiuchi-cho) performed at Fukukura-ji Temple in Kurasawa in 1887, learned Kabuki and created a puppet show based on this The stage with the village volunteers was reportedly the beginning of Kurasawa Puppet Kabuki. After Tsunejiro's death, his grandson, Yoshiharu, took over and converted the former residence of the Hino family to a performance hall called "Renkyokan", which is now a place of activity. It consists of 22 people, including a puppeteer, Yoshitao, Sakai, Taiko, Samurai, and Shamisen. The puppeteer wears a black costume bundle, and Yoitao talks a spear with a bow on the stage sleeve. The programs include "Sanbancho", "Oshu Adachigahara", and "Picture Book Daikoki".

Main performance place

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