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Other major intangible folk cultural properties
Classification Other
name Tiger dance
location Oiso Town, Kamaishi City and others


It is a kind of wind dance lion dance and is characterized by using a tiger instead of a lion head. According to “Ozaki Shrine Abbreviation” of Ozaki Shrine in Kamaishi City, it has been transmitted since the establishment of the temple in 12 (1699) in the Genroku, it has been played at the festival. It is transmitted to a wide area in the coastal area of the prefecture, and tiger heads are rare even in Japan. In the drums of large drums, small drums, chopsticks and chopsticks, young people scream "The beach is big fishing, the land is full, the business prosperous" and so on. In Kamaishi City, it is danced on the boat of Funato Go, and in Rikuzentakata City, “Ladder Tiger Dance” is known to climb on a ladder.

Main performance place