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Other major intangible folk cultural properties
Classification Other
name Sansa Odori
location Around Morioka City

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Sansa dance


A type of Bon dance that is widely seen in the inland area of the prefecture centering on Morioka. There are various theories such as “Iwate” legend of Mitsuishi Shrine which scolds demonic mischief called Raouki and “San Sayo” of scream. It is characterized by the fact that the dance is basically a male with a closing drum and dances together at the head of the dancer, and the tempo of the hands and feet is fast, and both the trespass and other bon dances are complex. The dance that can be danced in Morioka's summer feature "Morioka Sansa Odori" is a dance that has been standardized for the festival, and various dances with different shakes have been transmitted to various places.