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Other major intangible folk cultural properties
Classification Other
name Nana to Yala (Nana to Yara)
location Ninohe City, Yonocho and others


It is a kind of Bon festival dance bowl of the Hachinohe territory, and it is transmitted to the northern part of the prefecture such as Ninohe and Kuji in Iwate Prefecture. Although there are differences in clauses and complaints depending on the region, the original song is the lyrics of the meaningless song "Nanya Do Yara Naya Nya Donna Saleno Sanya Do Yara". There are many port legends about the origin of this song, but it was imported from Kai Country (now Yamanashi Prefecture), where Mr. Nanbu was born, when Nanbu Kogyo was given the Inbe five districts by virtue of Oshu capture. It is unclear because there are various theories such as the words of Nyanya language, exclamations on poor production, love of men and women, and negative languages. The rhythm is monotonous, the tempo is slow, and the way to dance is to form a clockwise circle and move forward. Use drums only when dancing, don't use chopsticks.

Main performance place