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Prefecture designated intangible folk cultural property
Classification Other
name Yatai Bayashi at Fire Festival
Designated date December 24, 1982
Holding group Hidaka Sakai Preservation Society
location Oshu City Mizusawa Ward Hidakakoji


According to the records of Hidaka Shrine, according to the records of Edo-embedded Suizawa castle owner, the 17th house of the majesty, with the great fire of Edo such as Ming calendar 3 (1657), set up the fire and rescue system of the local Mizusawa It is said that he prayed for a high shrine and blessed the castle town Rokucho with a New Year's Day 22 as a firefighting event, and sent out a "beating dumpling". After that, in order to facilitate the convenience of tourists, it was held on April 22nd in 1971 and the date was changed on April 29 which is a holiday from 1996 onwards. Through. Composition consists of "beating dumplings" and "sticky dumplings". Hitoko is called "Totkomei" and forms an integral part of the seal, and it can not come out of towns other than the old castle castle Rokucho (Fuchomachi, Yokocho, Omachi, Yanagicho, Tachimachi, Kawaguchicho). Yuko Yatai is made in the altar and 15-20 girls with small drums, 5 shamisen daughters, and a samurai (3 men) are playing the lion. Originally dumped dumplings are the main ingredients, and dumplings of food stalls are entertainment products. For this reason, there are no clinks and beaten dumplings in the night festival, but as the food stand dumplings become more luxurious, they become the protagonists of the festival, and now Hidaka dumplings come to point to the food stand dumplings. A designated dumpling is designated as a prefecture.

Main performance place

Hidaka Fire Festival (April)