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Prefecture designated intangible folk cultural property
Classification Other
name Hirose Puppet Play Jorakuza
Designated date September 1, 1995
Holding group Hirose Doll Play
location Oshu City Esashi Ward Hirose


In 1870, Goto Goemon, who lives in Kumishi Nakago (now Oshu City Esashi-ku Hirose), visits Hitotsuchi (now Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture) on the return of Ise, and the Mito sew on the left side of Emon Iza lineage I was moved by a puppet show, learned about it and started to take it home. In 1887, he formed "Kumishi Dolls" and changed his name to "Jorakuza", taking "always" from Hitaka and "Raku" from Bunraku during the 3rd-generation chairperson, Riku Kikuchi. It consists of about 20 people including puppeteers, joruri talks, drums, chopsticks and chopsticks, and puppeteers talk in black costume bundles, and joruri together with dumplings behind the scenes. The performances include "Sanban-an", "Senjo Awa no Naruto", and "West Country Juriaku Amenichi".

Main performance place

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