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State-designated intangible folk cultural property
Classification Other
name Matsuriba event at Murone Shinto Shrine
Designated date January 12, 1985
Holding group Murone Shrine Festival Preservation Society
location Ichinoseki City Murone-cho others


Murone Shrine is located in the middle of Mount Murone, about 800 meters above sea level, and has a history that is said to have promoted Kishu Kumano Shrine during the Nara period. The year after the leap year at this Murone Shrine, it is a special large festival to be held in September of the lunar calendar, and both shrines of Hongu and Shingu go down the mountain and compete for arrival from the shrine to the shrine of the foot at the foot. There is a fierce match between the villagers who are going to try. Make a mountain about 8 m tall with pine wood at your travel center (Baba), and pull up the shrine with a rope above it. It has been called "Tohoku Three Great Wild Festival" along with Soma Noma chasing and the Shiogama Festival since ancient times.

Main performance place

Murone Shrine (October)