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Main production area

Morioka City, Oshu City


Various southern ironware such as iron bottles, teapots, iron pots, wind bells, etc. are made mainly of horseshoe. There are also studios that make sand iron iron bottles and tea pots using sand iron as a raw material.
The hot water boiled in the iron jar of the Nanbu Ironware and the dishes prepared in the iron pot have been proved to contain a large amount of iron. The use of iron bottles and pots has the effect of being able to supply iron essential to the human body, and in recent years we have expanded our sales channels to China and East Asian countries as well as Japan.
In addition, by coloring the color of the tea pot of the southern iron pot colorfully, the sales channel has been established in the West as a color teapot.

History / History

As for southern ironware of Morioka, receiving the protection of the southern pot in the Edo period, the southern pottery invited a potter and a caster from Kyoto in the middle of Edo period (about 380 years ago) and made a tea pot. A caster was also invited from Koshu (Yamanashi Prefecture), and it became a production center for tea pots, Buddhist instruments and iron bottles.
On the other hand, in the southern ironware of Oshu, Mr. Fujiwara invited a founder from Kyoto and the country of Omi (Shiga Prefecture) in the late Heian period (about 930 years ago) to start making Buddhist tools and iron pot pots. The production of iron pots and Buddhist utensils grew briskly under the protection of Date Pass during the period, becoming the No. 1 producer in the early Meiji period.
In 1959, Morioka and the southern iron craftsmen of Oshu friendlyly interacted, and as a "South iron iron" brand, the iron crafts built in both production areas developed sales channels to the global market and succeeded in expanding demand. Iwate Prefecture's southern ironware has developed dramatically as a "brand of the world".

how to use

How to use the southern iron bottle
  1. First, rinse the inside of the iron bottle gently with water.
  2. Put water in an iron jar for 7 minutes and boil once. In addition, lightly rinse the inside of the iron bottle with water.
  3. You are now ready to boil the water in a steel jar.
  4. Boil the water with an iron jar and drink a tea with a mild taste.

Main products

  1. Southern iron jar (including tea pot, sand iron jar)
  2. Southern iron pot (sukiyaki pot, grilled meat pot, stewed pot, pan, etc.)
  3. Southern tea pot (teapot)
  4. Southern wind bell (including the bells and kosuzuru)
  5. Iron supply products (iron egg, iron dumpling, etc.)

Manufacturing process

Design (drawing) → wood mold making → molding → pattern pressing → embossing → melting (blowing) → pouring (pouring) → embossing → baking → polishing (casting finish) → coloring → hatching

contact information

Iwate Prefecture Southern Iron Cooperative Cooperative Association

〒 020-0055

Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, connected to Oino 64-102

TEL 019-689-2336 FAX 019-89-2337

Oshu City Traditional Industry Hall "Oshu Southern Iron Museum"

〒 023-0104

Iwate Prefecture Oshu City Mizusawa Hanedacho Ekimae 1-chome 109

TEL0197-23-3333 FAX0197-23-6596