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Main production area



The traditional Japanese technique "Zeikan" is a decoration method in which a pattern is embroidered and shaped. In our dream studio, we express the technique that has been transmitted from the old days as wood inlay (Mokorukan) and shell inlay (Kyazogank), which are embedded with different colors of wood and shells.
We make wooden tableware and Japanese sundries, etc. that you can enjoy in your daily life, while being delicate only by inlaying, with the hands of women one by one.

History / History

Inlaying is a technique of crafting, in which a pattern is carved in metal, wood, or ceramic, and another material is inserted into the hollow. In the Dream Studio, “Kaizokan” is a technique generally called “Ryukan”, and “Mokuinkan” is old in Japan, and is called “wood painting” in the Shokakuin treasure. We are developing products by developing the remaining techniques into our own unique techniques.

Main products

  • Shell inlay
  • Shell inlay
  • Wood inlay
  • Tree inlay teapot
  • Wood inlaid stand mirror

Award calendar

  • 1998 38th National Recommended Tourism Souvenir Examination Committee Minister of International Trade and Industry Award
  • 2008 Japan Campaign Japan Attractive Japan Gift Contest Australia Award
  • 2008 Iwate Special Products Competition Iwate Industrial Trade Promotion Association President's Award
  • 2009 49th National Recommended Tourism Souvenir Review Board Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award
  • 2014 54th whole country recommended sightseeing souvenir examination committee national association of commerce and industry association president's award

Manufacturing process

Lumber → timber → shape processing → sanding → priming → inlaying → final painting → finish

contact information

Limited company dream studio

〒 024-0004

Iwate Prefecture Kitakami City Murazaki 20-70