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Main production area



The material "Suzu-bamboo" is native to Yamano in the Ninohe region, and is thinner and more resilient than general bamboo. Taking advantage of its characteristics, it has been processed into many life tools since ancient times. The center of Torigoe bamboo work is moss, and the material is carefully prepared and knitted, so that the finish is clean, and the technique of "matching", in which the skin appears on both the inside and the outside, is highly praised . These techniques have been handed down from generation to generation as part of life from parents to children.

History / History

The history of Torigoe bamboo work is very old, and it is said that it goes back to the early days of the Heian period, as it has a legend that ties it with the Great Wisdom Master. According to the literature of the Edo period, there is a record that a basket and a basket were made. Bamboo work flourished as a sideline to farmers before the war, but after the war, the spread of chemical products tended to gradually overturn. However, in recent years the value has begun to be reviewed again as a traditional living tool.

Main products

・ Handbag

・ Lunch box

・ 笊 (Zaru)

・ Defocused

Manufacturing process

Material collection → Kawamuki → Split → Meat removal → Drying → Braid → Product

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