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Main production area



A rustic horse doll made from rice straw and unique to the Hanamaki region, decorated with a beautiful cloth. In 1966 (Showa 4), it has become a design for New Year stamps.

History / History

It is an equine horse doll that has been transmitted to Enmanji Kannon as a used piece for prayers such as marriage, descendant prosperity, and five grain richness since ancient times in the Hanamaki region. He stole the eye and provided a martial arts, and after that achievement he beautifully thanked you for the decoration, such as colored cloth and bells. It is still loved as an auspicious regional toy.

Main products

  • Shinobi piece 1: 759 yen
  • Shinobi piece 2: No. 1,241 yen
  • Shinobikoma No.3: ¥ 2,850
  • Shinobi piece 4 issue: 4,500 yen

(Each tax is excluded)

Manufacturing process

Drying of rice straw → Adjustment of material quality of rice straw and insect control work → Assembled into a horse shape → Decorated with cloth and bell

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