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Main production area



Southern Kokeshi is a lovely local doll from Rokuro, which has long been introduced to the Tohoku region. The neck is inlaid, and the head is sluggish, and it is characterized by great movement. There are 51 types of traditional Kokeshi with various types, such as Kakuhira type, Kaiyoshi type, Yosichiro type, Sen type, etc. Mizuki, Itaya, and cherry blossoms are used for the material of Kokeshi.

History / History

"Kapei Kokeshi," boasting 280 years, has declined as a result of the appearance of colorful toys in the 9th generation, the early Showa era, but has been established as a folk art by the postwar Kokeshi boom. Since the first Kakubei, they have been making roars and making beautiful kokeshi.

Main products

・ Yen Kakuhei Kokeshi: 1,000 yen to 50,000 yen

Award calendar

Honorable Tomb of the Yellow Award, Secretary of the Forestry Prize, President of the Japan Broadcasting Association

Manufacturing process

Tachiki rig → skinning → drying → ball cutting → wood cutting → roughing → rolling round → wood finishing → painting → finishing

contact information

Kepei Kokeshi Sasaki Kappei

〒 024-0332

Iwate Prefecture Kitakami city Wakamachi Kenkawa 2-18