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Main production area



A kind of mud doll made of clay, with emphasis on the last dolls, it is characterized by many things that express the life of children, such as festivals, treasure ships, Ebisu, Daikoku etc.

History / History

Hanamaki dolls are said to have originated from Zentaro Ota of Hanamaki Black Town during the Kyoho Year (1716 to 1735), and it is said that the origin is from the Tsutsumi doll in Sendai and the Fushimi doll in Kyoto. We carry out painting experience in Hanamaki City Museum every March and July.

Main products

  • Zodiac signs: 3,240 yen ...
  • Warabe Sanban 1: 15,000 yen
  • Tenjin: 4,200 yen ...
  • Beckoning cat: 34,000 yen
  • Inside of the house: 108,000 yen ...

Award calendar

Industry Festival Special Product Competition Silver Award in Iwate, Bronze Award February 2007 Hanamaki City Master of Manufacturing Award

Manufacturing process

Die cutting → Baking (800 degrees) → Powdered flour → Colored

contact information

Hiraga Crafts Company

〒 025-0084

Iwate Prefecture Hanamaki City Sakuracho 3-chome 68-23