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Main production area



A hand-made Japanese paper is stacked on top of another, and it is a regional toy that has been completed as a bull-shaped toy. Loved as a lucky and successful business mascot.

History / History

Since ancient times the southern part of Sado is famous as a gold country, and it is said that the origin of this golden cow is that it has been cherished as a heirloom as it has been formed into a bull shape with gold dust to convey this prosperity to offspring long.

Main products

  • Bekokko No. 2 of gold: 2,556 yen
  • Gold Becco No. 3: 3,657 yen
  • Gold Becco 4 issue: 6,750 yen
  • Gold Becco No. 5: 10,000 yen
  • Bekokko No. 6 of gold: 30,000 yen
(Each tax is excluded)

Manufacturing process

Put Japanese paper in a wooden shape → Put in multiple layers → Harden with flour → Enameled → Finished with gold powder paint → Completed as a swing toy

contact information

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