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Main production area



I mainly use Mizuki. Kinakina Torikobo is made to move lightly with a head inset. Security Kokeshi is well-headed and stable. Kinakina is said to be a prototype pacifier, and is a prototype of Kokeshi that uses plain and wood grain.

History / History

Based on Morioka Samurai's bar teacher, the security family, although the age is not known, it is a unique thing that a pacifier produces a Kinakina, a plain, and a moving head. Those that have finished their eye-nose and pattern for these plain-colored things for appreciation for appreciation are transmitted by means of unique taste and warmth at the present Morioka Kokeshi.

Main products

  • Kinakina: 1,300 yen ...
  • Moro Kakkoshi: 1,500 yen ...
  • Moro Kabokko: 1,800 yen-

Manufacturing process

Dogwood logs → sawing lumber → cutting → drying (more than 1 year) → roughing → finishing → drawing → polishing · pulling → completion

contact information

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