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Main production area

Noda village


Localized processing of rose pyroxene (scientific name: rhodonite) into ornaments is nicknamed "Marine Rose" in the local community. At present, in Japan, manganese mines remain only in the Noda Tamagawa, and manganese ore, a Japanese pyroxene from Japan, is a precious stone that can only be obtained here. This stone has been sleeping for a long time in the earth for about 200 million years, and its patrons are increasing with its soft pink color and subtle falm. Because all of the manufacturing process is hand-made and pays close attention, its beautiful vermilion soft color and gloss have a warm taste unique to natural stone and are well received.

History / History

It has been reported that the development of mines has been started since the ore deposit was discovered around 1883. With more than 200 employees working at its peak, it was the first and second largest manganese mine in the country. As the mining rights continue to change over time, Hokusei Mining Co., Ltd. has finally taken over and developed it. As part of that, we developed the by-product Marine Rose product and opened it as a tunnel in 1987. Inside the mine, the working conditions of the time when it prospered as a manganese mine is reproduced with a model doll etc. In addition to the ore mined in this mine, we also collect from other countries in the world and visit the display corner of gem minerals etc. I can do it.

Main products

・ Typin to tie tack: 2,625 yen to 5,250 yen

・ Brooch: 2,625 yen-10,500 yen

-Pendant: 2,100 yen-10,500 yen

・ Earrings ~ Earrings: 4,200 yen to 31,500 yen

・ Ring: 5,250 yen-45,150 yen

Entrance fee

700 yen for adults, 500 yen for middle and high school students, 400 yen for elementary school students (with group discount, with over 200 parking lots)

contact information

Marine Rose Park Noda Tamagawa

〒 028-8202

Iwate Prefecture Kuchinohe-gun Noda Village Oji Tamagawa 5-104-13

TEL 0194-78-2138