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Main production area



Because it is about 1 cm thick, once heated it maintains a nearly constant temperature, and the deep fried fried foods. It is also effective for iron supply.

History / History

The Kuji region is a rich sand iron production area, and iron has been made from this sand iron as a raw material by the “tatarabuki” refining method from ancient times, and was exported to Kanto and Kansai.

how to use

It can be used for a variety of uses, such as fried foods and boiled foods.

Main products

・ Tempura pot: 7,800 yen ...

・ Sukiyaki pot: 5,000 yen, 8,000 yen

Manufacturing process

Sand mold → iron melting → die cutting → coloring → lathe

contact information

Kogushi Ceramics Co., Ltd.

〒 028-0071

Iwate Prefecture Kuji City Kakuji Town 31-29-1

TEL 0194-52-3880