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Main production area



Raw stone is high-green tuff, and it exists from the Kitakami Mountains Ofunato to the southwest, and extends to around Ichinoseki. However, the veins of stone are narrow, and it is difficult to dig between black slate and limestone running from south to north. The stone is of the Paleozoic Devonian period about 400 million years ago, usually azuki-red, and contains purple cloud-like spots and green circular spots. There is also a green color, which is characterized by being difficult to peel off.

History / History

Shiunishi produced in Ofunato is also called "Hoshi Stone". When a monk of a trip by one person in the Kamakura period stopped at Changanji, when using a rare stone found from the river as a mochi, the stone color is good, the skin is slippery, the speed of the extinct ink of mochi, warmth, etc. It is well-received in a classy elegance, so it's good to be brought back to Kamakura and beloved by the generals of the time in addition to the south, and its name is also named Shiun Shizuku, and of course it's also a calligrapher, among samurais. It is said that it was useful. Now, it is also widely used for ink painting and appreciation.

Main products

・ Shiun Shizuku: 5,000 yen to 1,000,000 yen

Award calendar

Excellence in skills (Iwate Prefecture Governor's Award), City Consciousness Award (twice), Iwate Institute of Art and Design Award (three), Iwate Tea Ceremony Art Exhibition Special Award, Industry Festival Competition Gold Award, Silver Award, Governor of the Governor Award Iwate Industry and Trade Promotion Association President's Award, Iwate Art Festival Winner and Prize Winner (10 times), Japan Representation Art Association Winner (Michikoku Keiichi Pilot Award), Japan Representation Art Association Japan Representation Art Society President's Award, Tokyo National Assembly Prize, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Chairperson's Award・ Won prize award, Iwate special product contest chairman's award

Manufacturing process

Mining → cutting → design → rough carving → rough polishing → semi finish → finish carving → finish polishing

contact information

Shiun Shion (Yuisen kitchen)

〒 022-0007

Iwate Prefecture Ofunato-shi Akasaki-cho Odate 113-1 Emergency Temporary Housing 4-6

TEL 0192-27 2248