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Main production area



The material is bamboo using bamboo in the prefecture, and Japanese paper is using Mino Japanese paper and Kashiyama Japanese paper. The entire process is conducted in an integrated manner, and a practical umbrella is made.

History / History

The Hanamaki Umbrella is said to originate from the production of Umbrella with Hanamaki at the time of Kyowa (1801-1803). Takita craftsmanship has been manufactured and marketed since 1923, and is the only existence in Iwate Prefecture.

Main products

  • Snake eye umbrella: 18,000 yen to 25,000 yen
  • Ban umbrella: 10,000 yen-25,000 yen
  • Mini umbrella: 2,800 yen to 4,000 yen
  • Wall umbrella: 2,000 yen

Award calendar

Industry Festival Special Product Competition Silver Award for the 23rd Iwate

Manufacturing process

Bamboo cutting → bone cutting → bone setting → paper laying → finishing → oiling → drying

contact information

Hanamaki Umbrella / Takita Craft


26-3 Takamatsu, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture