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For the 1100th Festival of Yoshihara Kichihara

Mrs. Chikoshime of Sugawara Michizane, who was relegated to Dazaifu in 901, is the mother-child of Suizhou Gyeongsan County in the same year. She was distributed (with) three children and his servant to Ozawa's Maezawa-ku mother), and received a false report from Dokushin in 903 and died of illness in 906. The grave is located in Higashiyama-cho Higashiyama-cho Takatsu, Kozukodama, and as a part of the project of cultural property protection and town development, around this "tomb of kankofujin". The idea of creating a "town of the east" with the aroma of peace in 11 years comes up, and plans are underway to carry out the 1100th Festival of the Kichihara Kichisho Goddess on September 12, 2005.
In 1945, the village's local community historian was the founder and the 1000th festival was held, and exchanges with Dazaifu-cho, Fukuoka Prefecture continued from the Showa period, and Dazaifu Tenmangu 39th generation of 1994 visited Ichinoseki-shi Higashiyama-cho, Exchanges such as planting “Toei-ume” have deepened, and many worshipers from Kyushu are visiting in front of the tomb.