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Regional cooperation with the private sector

North Tohoku is now facing social problems such as population decline, the arrival of advanced information society with aging society, environmental problems and so on. "Interactions and collaborations" between new regions are attracting attention, and are positioned as important keywords in the 21st century grand design that is planned in the country.
In Akita Prefecture and Iwate Prefecture, discussions and activities on “regional collaboration” have been promoted early on, and among them, the Northeastern North Exchange Collaboration Club was established as a promotion organization of regional alliances with the initiative of the private sector. The club promotes regional development of the northeastern north area (Akita-Kakudate-Morioka-Miyako's peripheral area) by "inspiration from the area", and cooperates with the administration to create a mechanism to deepen new collaboration between private sector and academia, The purpose is to practice.

National Route 46 and National Route 106 as core

The basis of horizontal axis exchange is a road connecting the Sea of Japan in Akita and the Pacific Ocean in Iwate. There are Routes 46 and 106 on the big pillars. However, prefectural roads, municipal roads, and agricultural roads, which are connected to the main roads, play an extremely important role, not just addressing the issues shared by these national roads. It promotes exchanges with all people who lead to the backbone road, which leads to the development of the tourism industry, which is the basis of industrial revitalization in the north-northeast.
Activities that lead to regional development, not interests, will lead to the benefits of the entire horizontal region in the future.
Exchange support for cultural and artistic activities is one of them. In addition, it is one of the plans to gather power between members so that information can be obtained smoothly. Harder than softer, we are aiming to exchange minds.

Members play a central role in utilizing local tangible and intangible assets

In the club, by effectively connecting producers to the tourism industry, adding a grand design that can fully demonstrate the regional characteristics to the regional traditional industries, creating a vibrant area where the next generation can be proud, by exchanging a single regional culture Create a more attractive culture, strengthen collaboration between JR and the road, create a model tour course that will serve as a sample of the whole country, promote attractive products of horizontal axis exchange products to distribution companies across the country, etc. Information possessed by members It has a shared table that can make use of its power and functions. Furthermore, we work on the cooperation with the administration of each place and put it together in a more feasible plan.
Even though the horizontal axis, the total extension distance is more than 400 km. The exchange that merely sends information does not last long. Therefore, "plaza Odette" at the middle point is used as a place of exchange. The scope of use is wide, including various salon activities, information displays, and product introductions. We support members individually as the Northeast North Exchange Cooperation Club, and support business trials in "Plaza Odete".

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