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In order to convey the existence of this highway to the future

The origin of the way dates back more than a thousand years from now. Starting from a corner of a residential area in Higashi Ueno, Mizusawa-ku, Oshu-shi, starting from the junction with Oshu Kaido, National Road No. 397 can not be left to the west. In addition, it passes through the Owa Mountains via Wakayanagi Shijo Arashi (Isawawaku Yanagi Orio), Oshu City, which is close to Ishizuchi Dam, and continues to the Senboku region of Akita Prefecture, but now there is only a few roads. It's an illusionary highway.
It was an adult university that Izawaku Atago (Aisaku Atago) public hall opened in 1990 that paid attention to the existence of such Senboku Highway. Taking this opportunity as a trigger, this highway will be surveyed (tosa = to go to the field to investigate) and talk meetings will be held.
There are neither a proper record nor a lot of legends. It was the first time in 70 years since the last time that 14 years of Taisho 14 was the last record of five young people in Ehime Prefecture who took the course.

The following year, a reconnaissance team came from the side of Higashinasemura, Akita Prefecture, who agreed with this activity. After that, over the mountain in one year alternation, I finally reached the launch of the "Senboku Kaido" meeting.

Follow the path without a few clues

Emishi conquered, played the role of the role of the past nine years, the role of the last three years, etc., while, while the post of Akita from the village to pass to become the third Shohoji of Mizusawa, is called Kirishitan lord It is also this way that Goto Toshiya escaped. Naturally, it is also a road of commerce, and in the case of Tenpo's famine, 3,000 rice from Akita was said to have been carried by cattle and people.
However, the road width was 2.8 meters in the past, now about 30 centimeters. It is equal to the wayless way. It is said that the highway is about 24 kilometers from Shiso Arashie in Oshu City to Shigarakie to Tekura in Higashinase village, but about 70% are currently known. The road was broken by an avalanche or heavy rain, and it was probably a path and a shortcut. There are many books, and some places do not know the original way.

Exchange of people to the next generation with maintenance of way

In recent years, another group is said to be participating in the Yushu City, Akita Prefecture (Yozawa City) through the “Urushi Road Interchange Project”, from Ogawa City Igawan (Korokawaku). Shimachimura is connected through one old road, and new exchange is fostered again.
The goal is to develop a road where people can walk without hesitation while continuing research, and to build a signpost that is carved a few kilometers from the starting point where the place name is known. Furthermore, it is also a goal to properly drop this road on the map of the Geographical Survey Institute before the part of the Gyeongsan Dam is completely submerged.

Akita Prefecture (Senboku Highway that marks the history of Chiko)