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Take a fight with Tanabata as a hint

Rikuzentakata City has a festival called "Kanka Tanabata" in Kesen-cho, which is said to boast more than 900 years of history and tradition, and is held on August 7 every year. "Kenka Tanabata" is a very exciting festival in which floats exceeding 4 tons collide with each other, and when it collides, "Kanka Tanabata Drum" is being slammed on the floats.
Starting with the idea of "Can we use the battle drums to wake up the area?" Based on the volunteer's idea of "collecting drum groups across the country and doing some kind of events", an event called "National Taiko Festival" Was planned.

National-level commitment

From the wish that "I want to call the first class if I do it somehow", the schedule of the first festival was the third Sunday of October in accordance with the convenience of "Ojinkoikotaiko" in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Since then, the National Taiko Festival will be held on that day every year.
The three major drums in Japan, "On-Jin Taiko," "Osuwa Taiko," and "Sukeroku Drum," have already appeared, and the groups that have appeared so far are 172 groups in 36 prefectures in Japan and three overseas countries. Now, it has grown as a big event before it gets stamped with the best drum festival in Japan, and it has come to receive the evaluation of "Taiko no Koshien" from the performers.

Executive committee is open call for participants

When conducting the event, the general members of the executive committee will be open to the public, and a private initiative-led executive committee will be organized. This is because, in most cases, the executive committees of events in the region so far have been organized by commissioning officials of related organizations to the executive committees, so this is a job to be asked and it is burning from the heart Absent. Only the people who really want to do get together. I can do this job. From such an aim, we started to call for the executive committee by newspaper articles.
The Executive Committee dissolves each year after the event and takes the style of organizing a new Executive Committee by public invitation again the following year. The number of members of the Executive Committee rises to around 150 people every year, and the age group is wide, ranging from teenagers to seniors in the 70s, and the occupation is company president, commercial manager, agriculture, fishery, company employee, government employee, group employee And so on.
For such a private initiative-led executive committee, the administration has not been caught up to the old idea, but after giving everything to the executive committee according to the policy of "I will give money but I will not give you" policy, New ideas that can not be born unless they are private as if meeting expectations are proposed and implemented one after another.
The admission ticket for the national drum festival is created using a hand-made material of "Kensen cedar" from the local area.
The bill is made of a 15cm x 12cm x 1cm thick kerosene cedar board in the shape of the year's design, and it is printed on the table with the "admission bill" brand. The members of the executive committee gather and make a stamp on one sheet, and make about 3,000 notes through the straps.

National Taiko Festival (Rikuzentakata City)