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A carpenter group centered on the Kesen area (Ofunato City, Rikuzentakata City, Sumita Town), a multi-functional group that can build temples, make fixtures, work as well as build private houses. It seems that they had been embroiled in the name of “for the south” since the Shosei period, but since the establishment of the Tohoku Main Line in the Meiji period, the range of migration has expanded, such as in the Kanto region and Hokkaido.
Temple buildings such as Chang'an Temple Sanmon (Ofunato City) and Fumonji Triple Tower (Rikuzentakata City), the Tome Senior High School Elementary School buildings in Tome City, Miyagi Prefecture (an important cultural property of the country), Historic sites), reconstruction after the Great Kanto Earthquake, construction of Kabukiza in Tokyo and Ginza, and restoration of the Osaka Castle Tenshukaku.

Kesen Carpentered Wall Main Team

Onodera House built by Kesen Carpenters

It is also known that the area is known as a major farmer in the suburbs, and has become a place of lodging for Ichinoseki Mainland Tamura.
It was built by the hands of 40 Kesen carpenters, and it was also said that it was a "mandatory home" because of its dual gate structure that irrigated. Inside the house there is a storehouse of stucco called "Kessen Wall", which remains several buildings in this region, and the decoration of the Chinese dumplings is superb.

[Location] Ichinoseki City