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It is also called "Mochika" nationwide. It is an event of the New Year's Day to decorate colored dumplings colored with eating red on a branch of a lizard tree (in some areas Nurude and Willow trees), and pray for five grain rich harvest, and depending on the region, it is It is called. "Mekko" is Mayu, and it is also said that the wish was made to help Yosetsu work well. It is also called "mayu ball" from this.

In addition, soft white wood such as nulde, elderberry, willow etc. is scraped and rounded as a ball, or a scraped flower cut into a flower shape or a nulde tree is scraped to about 10 cm and peeled off I made "white" (Awa) and "Haiho", which I saw in the ear of the ear with the skin and the skin with the skin, and decorated them together. There are also areas where praying for good harvests of Awa and Hagi.