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A traditional performing arts performed in the Nogata district of Ofunato-san Sanriku-cho Ryori (Ofuna Toshi Sanriku Chouri).

On January 15th, we are asked by houses that were newly built that year and houses that run businesses such as fishing, agriculture, and commerce, and will go around the houses in the district. Eight of the Seven Lucky Gods and the Fifty Gatherers (IsaBaya) dance to the chopsticks of the chopsticks and drums and bring in fortune.

The dialects of the Fifties and the Seven Lucky Gods also make me laugh. Home safety, big fishing prayers, prayers for good harvest prayers are included.

event date Sunday the second of January
Venue Ofunato City Sanrikucho Ryori
Contact Ofunato City Business and Industry Tourism Division Tourism Products Division
TEL. 0192-27-3111

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