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A key point in the Gurizawa region Mizusawa is a small castle town that has developed since the Middle Ages. The reason why Mizusawa was named as one of the names of a region was Mr. Rasu who was sealed here in Kanaga 6 (1629) (Mus. Mizusawa's first Munetoshi) By the name of a facility that has been in charge for generations, it has been called Mizusawa Kansui, Mizusawa Kan in Sendai area. At the site of the 240-year-old residence, Aoi Sugi is the only one that has kept its past. The Mizusawa Ward, Oshu City, is also known as the "town of great people", and the Takano Nagae former home, preservation of Goto Shinpei old home and 3 memorials of Takano Choei, Goto Shinpei, Saito Azusa (Makoto) are built, and remains and history data It is saved. The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and Mizusawa Observation Center also has a memorial to the founder of "Z" and the first director, Hisashi Kimura.