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Iwate (Iwate) Prefecture


"There are three large stones with a long line at Tokenji in the Morioka city's three-story division, and this stone is said to have come from Iwate's eruption and is called" Mitsuishi-like ". People's faith was collected.
At this time, a demon called Ratsuki (Satsuki) is bad for the villagers and travelers, so the villager who was in trouble asked "Mitsuishi-sama" to ask "Don't you have any bad demons", but he quickly got into Mitsuishi 'S god tied Raouki to three Oishi. Rakioni, who was surprised, said, "I will not do anything wrong again. Please do not allow me to appear in this village again, so please forgive me." Raouki fled away over Nanchangsan, pushing a bill with petanpetan to Mitsuishi. Therefore it is said that this land is called a bill on the rock ... Iwate.