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When you cross the Oyodogawa, the road is divided in two. Hezugasawa (鯨 峠)-鯨 峠 笠 笠 霊 霊 里 里 笠 笠 course and Ando (あ ~ 吉 里 里 き り な な な な な 四 四 四 船 船 船 船 course . Forty-eight slopes are recorded as the main roads in the "Sanioi Nikki". There is a signpost with pictures at the junction of the two roads. Even if you can not read the letters, you can see the destination if you look at the picture, you can see the destination on the right with a mallet on the left, a man on the left with the letters "Right Ha Daisuke" and "Left Ha Funakoshi" under the picture. .