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name Takuya Caves Bishamondo Oni-yoku (ば ら く い わ ば ら ば ら ば ら)
Venue Hiraizumicho Hiraizumi Tatsukani Cave Bakumondo · Tatsutanigawa
Opening period January 2-January 3
Contact Tatsuya Caves Bishamondo Bettei Tatsuya Sikoji Temple
tel: 0191-46-4931
Link Tatsuya Caves Bishamondo Bettei Tatsuya Sikoji Temple

Summary of the festival

10:00 pm-Water separation 10:15 pm-Naked year-round nominee 10:30 pm-Kashiwagi climbing 11:00-Climb climbing The next day from 00:00 am-Oniko climbing the next day 0:15 am-Gomoku contest 15 minutes)
The next day 0:40 am Tatsuya Caves Bashamon Kagura performance

Origin / origin of the festival

The revision temple of Tatsuya Sikoji Temple is executed from the first day to the eighth day, with the cave Bashamondo as the root dojo. In addition to the Bosamon offering a total of 21 seats three days a day, the first New Year's Day, the Nio picture school, worship service. On the eighth day of the closing day, the petition cow ball method. The three-day is the first night and the night, and the two-day demon is the shrine. Oni is one of the many deities of the correction. Following the yearly dedication of the naked men who took away the water and enthusiasm by Matsumei, the other person in charge carries out the apology by defeating the country after training the Bishamon Tenno secret tool. Next, led by the leader, Matsuaki, Oniko, and the prisoner cleansed the dojo, and Goma-an is thrown away, and the battle for the ax begins in the front garden of Bishamon-do. It is said that the upper crowd will go up, the lower crowd will go down and the one who wins will be a good harvest. In the dojo, which has been cleaned up with demons, the first night seat and the second night seat, which last for more than a thousand years from the disciple of Jichi Daishi on the next day, will be executed seriously.

Traffic access

-About 10 minutes by taxi from JR East Tohoku Main Line Hiraizumi Station-About 10 minutes by car from Tohoku Expressway Ichinoseki Inter About 15 minutes by car from Hiraizumi Maezawa Inter


Please complete the reception by 6:00 pm on January 2nd. (Because we have accident insurance, we will check the official ID card.)
The meeting place is 800 meters from the Ryoubobo construction (Rigaku Kubo Kensetsu) Hiraizumicho Hiraizumi Takinoue Tanoue No.1 Tatsunoya Retsu Bishamondo to the Motsuji area.
Things to prepare: Lower band (Salashi) and white tabi bag. Trousers and boots are not acceptable.
Participation fee: 1000 yen + one cup of sake or 2000 yen (including accident insurance)