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name Okida Shrine Suminsai Festival
Venue Ichinoseki City Daitocho Okoda Citizen Center, Okita Shrine, Nakanaka Ochiai Bridge
Opening period Sunday the second of January
Contact Okuda City Center
tel: 0191-74-2201
Link One trip, Ichinoseki sightseeing navigator (Okita Shinso Suminsai)

Summary of the festival

3 am Nude visit to the Okoda Citizen Center-To Okita Shrine 4 o'clock Totoro Noto-Shinto bell tower before 5 o'clock Bato Shinto priests and shrines at 6:00 am Somin Bag Battle Battle-to the bell tower-town center to Ochiai Bridge

Origin / origin of the festival

On the night of the Sumin festival, he put a stamp on the forehead of a child with the bullball mark (Nengen 3 years and 1338 years), and realized no illness. For the family, I brought back something that had been sealed on a blank sheet, and boiled my body and prayed for no illness.

Traffic access

・ JR East Tohoku Shinkansen ・ Tohoku Main Line Ichinoseki Station ~ Ofunato Line Surisawa Station (44 minutes) → Daitocho Town Bus · Okita Line Otsuka Bus Stop (bus 20 minutes) → about 10 minutes on foot ※ There is no bus during the festival time.
・ It is approximately 55 minutes by car than Tohoku Expressway Ichinoseki IC


Please complete the reception at the Okida Civic Center by around 2 am on the day of the festival from the evening of the second Saturday of January. The meeting place will be the Okita Citizen Center.
Necessary things: Attitude, Attitude, Wearing: As the organizer prepares the sarasi, etc., please come out with only one body. Footwear may be boots or grass.
Participation fee: free