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name Nagaoka Suminsai Festival of the village (Oragaga no Nagaso Oshinsai)
Venue Kanegasaki-cho Kotokuyama Kannonji / Nagasawa Land Improvement Zone-like parking lot
Opening period January 4th Saturday (Evening Festival), 4th Sunday of January (Soumin Festival)
Contact Taisei Corporation
tel: 0197-44-3388
Link Nagaoka Suminmin Festival

Summary of the festival

January 4th Saturday 5:30 pm Meeting (in front of Sumin warehouse)
6:00 pm Marching to Kannonji Temple 6:00 pm Praying large fireworks ・ Going to the Yamayama family grave 6:40 pm around the ground 6:50 pm Goma burning law essentials ・ prayer Prayer act Liquor action 9:00 pm
January 4th Sunday 8 am Meeting, preparation (in front of Sumin warehouse)
10:00 am Local performing arts, etc. 10:45 am Mochitsuki (year of evil)
11:00 am Buddha, admission, prayer 11:20 am Watering Festival · Sumin Bag contest, award ceremony, Nagaoka Kiryu drum etc 1:15 pm Firewood, end, tidying up

Origin / origin of the festival

In August 1988, Kanegasaki was damaged by heavy rainfall. Even though it was sunk, we held the "Oraho no Suminnsai" to keep everyone well.

Traffic access

-15 minutes by car from JR East Tohoku Main Line Kanegasaki-15 minutes by car from Tohoku Expressway Mizusawa IC-20 minutes by car from Tohoku Expressway Kitakami Kanegasaki IC


Please contact the Taisei Corporation and request an application form. Please fill in the application form (1000 yen) and the application form approximately 10 days before the event date.