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name Koshoji Temple Five Daison Suminsai Festival
Venue Hanamaki-shi Ishitogayacho Kokatsuji
Opening period Lunar New Year 6 (Evening Festival), Lunar New Year 7 (Main Festival)
Contact Kokatsuji Temple
tel: 0198-47-2230
Link Iha Toub Hanamaki (Kokatsu-ji Temple Five Daison Suminsai)

Summary of the festival

7 o'clock-7:30 pm of the New Year's Day-Naked (5 Daison Public Hall 光 Kokachi-ji Temple)
8:00 pm 供 供 要 御 御 旧 正 正 7:30 am Kagura · Prayer · Naked Prayer · Monks and other members of the party, disaster relief prayer according to Yamabushi prayer 10 am Shingon secret law University Goma Law required 10:40 am Offerings, Rikien, Gomu Fire Drop, Sumin Bag Battle

Origin / origin of the festival

From the first day of the Chinese New Year of Tianku 2 (1191) to the 7th, the timekeepers strictly trained for national security, five-grain rich fertility, disease disapproval, cattle and horse safety, and on the seventh day of the full application day It is said that the beginning was that the worshiper tried to get the competition and get the Gomat (餅) that was distributed at that time. After that, from 1894 (1894), write the inscriptions of the five majors (Fudo, 三 III, 威 ・, 荼 明, の 明 明 駒 、) on the table, and put a small stamp on the back 365 He put the pieces (the number of days a year) in hemp bags and started dropping them into the crowd. At the eve the festival is held naked by the 42-year-old men who hit the great evil. On the day of the Sumin festival, from around 9:30 am, prayers by the ancient Yamabushi prayer, after the dedication of the Great Goma Act, power on the snow, and at the signal of a brave trumpet, the men of the people will be in the sacking bag Fight a fierce battle of

Traffic access

・ 5 minutes (4.4 kilometers) from JR East Tohoku Shinkansen ・ Kamaishi Line Shinhanamaki Station
-Tohoku Expressway Hanamaki Inter 10 minutes (7.2 kilometers)


Please come and see the reception by 9:30 on the 7th of the Chinese New Year. Please bring your own lower band and tabi.