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name Chotokuji Sominsai Festival
Venue Ichinoseki City Fujisawacho Nagotokuji
Opening period 1st Sunday of March
Contact Nagotokuji
tel: 0191-63-3988
Link One trip, Ichinoseki sightseeing navigator (Nagotokuji Sumin festival)

Summary of the festival

8:00 am Reception: 8:30 am Water departure: 9:30 am Climbing of Kashiwagi and climbing of Kiko 10 am: Sumiban battle contest 11:30 am Specialty Kenchin soup and Shoshin dishes 0:30 pm Awards ceremony 1:00 pm entertainment

Origin / origin of the festival

In the old days, a statue of Fudomei, who was the honden of "Shinkenin Shugen Dojo" on Yunoshima (now Hachisen-cho, Ichinoseki City), was transferred to Manshoji, and again on December 4, 1887 It is said that "Sumiminsai" has also been attached when it was transferred. It used to be an event held from the 27th to the 28th of the New Year, and for 7 years in 1945 to the 30th, it was fighting for the Sumiban Bag. In the Fudoson Hall, there is a notice (a name of the owner, the name of the participant) of the battle evidence. Now, with the revival of the 2014 Sumiban bag battle, starting with Minamata and climbing Tochigi, the Oniko procession for children, and the behavior of Shojin cuisine "Fudosan's Kenchin soup", everyone in the area and facility volunteers It is a festival where everyone from children to the elderly can participate.

Traffic access

-40 minutes by car from JR East Tohoku Shinkansen Ichinoseki Station-About 50 minutes by car from Tohoku Expressway Ichinoseki Inter


Please have your visit by 8:00 am on the first Sunday of March and complete the reception. We will pray for safety and release water from 8:30. Please bring your own black tabi and lower belt.