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Main production area



The northern part of Iwate Prefecture, the Kuchinohe region, was formerly called the "South". Farmers in this region have traditionally made and used their own tools. This work was done during the agricultural season, was sold in the city (Ichi), etc., and was a secondary income source for farmers. This technology is the origin of the southern area, and the Takakura crafts improvement and new technology have been added, making it the current southern area. The feature of the southern foot is "crimp". It is a blessing of nature created by the wind "Yamise" blowing from early summer to summer. With this crimp, it is possible to scrape off the material without damaging the material, such as dust on a carpet that can not be removed with a vacuum cleaner, dust and lint on clothes, etc.

Main products

Long print broom, small broom, Japanese clothes broom etc

Manufacturing process

Southern reeds are hand-crafted by craftsmen from harvesting to sorting and knitting. Harvesting is carefully done one by one, and it takes one and a half months for veteran craftsmen to work. After that, it takes about one and a half months with five artisans by sorting out broom sorghum in 15 stages. Veterinarian craftsmen carefully weave the broom and the silk thread. It is a very hard work, using not only your hands but also your feet. The craftsman's hand work by hand will create a southern fort that has excellent practicality and looks beautiful.

contact information

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HP: https://nanbuhouki.jp/