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Main production area



"Sashiko" refers to needlework that stitches and stabs fabrics.
"Oshima Sashiko" is a town that has been taken away by the Great East Japan Earthquake, taking away the town and its important people, houses and jobs, and reinforcing it through "Sashiko", and reinforcing it again into a beautiful, robust town where everyone can be proud of It started from the desire to want.

History / History

The Ohori Reconstruction Sashiko Project began in June 2011 at a shelter in Ohori Town. It was the production of “Sashiko” that you could do with needles, threads, and cloth in a limited space as a shelter. The project has been continued since then and it has reached the present.

how to use

Sashiko has a long-lasting effect by making the fabric strong and by sewing over it, and it has been used in the past for wearing clothes and the like. Today, clothes, bags, sundries, etc. are manufactured because of their functionality and decorativeness.

Main products

  • At a glance bag, Sack ~ Life with Sashiko Bag ~, Miyabi fukin, wrapped button

Manufacturing process

Cutting → Draft → Sashiko → Sewing
In order to convey the value of “hand work” to customers, we are making products by sticking with one needle and one hand with the thought of those who take care of the products.

contact information

Oiso Reconstruction Sashiko Project 〒 028-1121 Iwate Prefecture Kamishui County Oiso Town Oiso Town No. 26-122-1 Maison Otani 201