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Real name Kimura Ei
Death year 1870-1943
Profession Astronomer
Birthplace Kanazawa
Memorial hall Oshu City (Mizusawa Roman)


Astronomer. Studied under the Tanaka-kan Aitachibana, became the first director of the Mizusawa Latitude Observatory in 1898, and found out the "Z term" (also referred to as the Kimura term) in 1812 (1902). At the time, the observation evaluation of the Mizusawa Latitude Observatory was the lowest among the six locations in the world, but it is said that this achievement has made it to the world's highest accuracy. After that, the International Center for Observations moved to Mizusawa, and Susumu Kimura also served as the director. The achievements of them were won, and in 1941 the first bachelor's institute honors award (onsho) was won, and in 1937 the first cultural medal was received. Memorial Hall Oshu City (Mizusawa Roman)