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Real name Kazuna Kanada
Death year 1882-1971
Profession Linguist
Birthplace Morioka
Memorial hall Morioka City Presbyterian Memorial Hall


Linguist. We collected Einu Yukara of Ainu people and dedicated life to the clarification. His books include: Ainu Scriptures, Ainu Studies, The Legend of Ainurakuru, Ainu Epic Yukara Studies, New National Grammar, Significance of Modern Kanazukai, Understanding the Spirit, Transition of Japanese Languages, A Dictionary of Japanese Language Dictionary Supervised "辞" edition and many others. The chronology of Tochigi complete works was also made, and it became the foundation of the later Tochigi chronology. He has been a professor at Todai, a president of the Japanese Linguistics Society, and so on. Medal of Culture.

Photo courtesy of Morioka City Presbyterian Memorial Hall