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Real name Sasaki Kiyoshi
Death year 1886-1933
Profession Folklore researcher
Birthplace Tono
Memorial hall Sasaki Kiyoshi Memorial Hall (Legend Hall)


Folklore researcher. Knowing Yanagida Kunio during the Tokyo Yugaku (Philosophers and Waseda), Yanagida recorded his legend of the Tono region and published it as "Tono Monogatari". This was the starting point of Japanese folklore. Including "The Story of Oshu Sashikiwarashi" in 1920, "Esashi-gun Old-fashioned tale", and collecting old-fashioned tale of Waga / Iwate / Shinami / Izawa-gun. In 1926, he published "Tooku Denmon" and the next year "Old Lady". The annual "Hearing Sorrow" of 1931 was a compilation of old-fashioned tale, and was praised as Japan's Grimm.