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Real name Naka Tsuyoshi
Death year 1851-1908
Profession Oriental History pioneer
Birthplace Morioka
Memorial hall Morioka City Presbyterian Memorial Hall


At the age of 14 he will be adopted by his teacher, Naka Goro. After graduating from Keio, he became Chiba Normal and Tokyo Women's Normal, and showed a start in the women's normal education period. Later he became a professor at Tokyo High Normal Professor from former Professor Seiichi Takakazu, and during that time he concurrently served as a lecturer at Todai and Waseda University, contributing to the foundation of Japanese Oriental History research, and the name of "Toyo History" was proposed by his proposal. is there. The book "Chinese History" is the first Chinese history briefing book in Japan, a classical literature, a translated version of "Mr. Ascho", and "Narikichi Shiwa Shinroku" is a masterpiece of the history of oriental history as a source of classical history research. Also, the "Senior Notes", which explores Japan's age problem, is a classical argument.

Photo courtesy of Morioka City Presbyterian Memorial Hall