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Real name Nitobe Inazo
Death year 1862-1933
Profession Thinker
Birthplace Morioka
Memorial hall Morioka City Presbyterian Memorial Hall
Hanamaki City (Hanamaki Nitobe Memorial Hall)


Agriculture and law doctor, noble house member, practical thinker. His career as an educator is diverse, showing his special character during the former 1st Senior High School Senior High School professor who co-appointed with the University of Tokyo in 1906 (Meiji 39), and produced a masterpiece of liberalism. "Bushido", written in English in 1900, proved the foundation of the morality and ethics of the Japanese people, and was read by Western leaders and knowledge classes. "I am the bridge of the pacific ocean and I do not know" was a longing for Nitobe's Western civilization to Japan and Japanese culture to the West. As a thinker and under Secretary General of the League of Nations, he practiced this wish, but both Manchuria and Shanghai gave great distress to the thought and practice of Nitobe, and died in Victoria, Canada.

Photo courtesy of Morioka City Presbyterian Memorial Hall