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Real name Goto Shinpei
Death year 1857-1929
Profession politician
Birthplace Mizusawa City (now Oshu City)
Memorial hall Mizusawa City Goto Shinpei Memorial Hall


As the governor of Taiwan's Governor General of Prefectural Government (and later the Secretary of Civil Affairs), we will strive to establish civil governance. In addition, as the first president of Mantetsu, the foundation of Manchuo management such as wide gauge railway facilities, Fushun coal bar development, Dalian hospital construction etc. will be established. He entered the Cabinet of the 2nd Katsura Cabinet in 1908 (Meiji 41) as the Minister of Communication, and served as the President of the newly established Institute of Railways and Takushoku Bureau. Became a mayor of Tokyo in 1920 (Taisho 9), and proposed a plan to remodel the city called the 800 million yen plan. Returned to the minister of the Cabinet of Yamamoto Gonbei, and hit the restoration process of the Great Kanto Earthquake. Japan Boy Scout first president.

Photo provided by: Mizusawa City Board of Education Corporate Education Division Cultural Property Section