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Real name Saito Satoshi
Death year 1858-1936
Profession Prime Minister and Navy Minister
Birthplace Mizusawa City (now Oshu City)
Memorial hall Mizusawa City Saito Sakai Memorial Hall


Since 199, in 1906, the Cabinet Minister of the Saionji Temple, and until 1914, the Sea Minister over 5 successive cabinets. In 1918, he was appointed governor of Korea, and he devoted himself to the policy of Bunji and will complete eight years as a general governor. Later ambassador to the Geneva Disarmament Conference. The prime minister, following the dog rearing cabinet that fell into a deadly bombardment in 5/15 in 1932. Although the National Assembly has dealt with the post-Manchurian crisis, the military internal conflict, external critique of Manchurian colonization by the military, and resignation in two years due to the outbreak of the Teijin case. After retiring from the prime minister, he held a heavy job as a minister of internal affairs, but fell into a grenade in the 2nd and 26th cases.

Photo courtesy of Satoshi Saitou Memorial Hall